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Flatground Sports provides a diverse range of services to meet the needs of athletes at different levels. We offer both free and paid options, ensuring that all prospects can access the resources they need. Whether you are just starting out or looking to advance your career, Flatground Sports has tailored programs to support your goals. From complimentary resources to premium representation, our comprehensive approach is designed to help every athlete succeed.

Free Resources


Flatground offers unparalleled exposure opportunities for baseball players seeking to advance their careers, spanning from high school prospects to unsigned professional free agents. Renowned for its impact, the Flatground X accounts, formerly known as Twitter, have garnered recognition from thousands of players, including MLB professionals who have capitalized on this invaluable free resource. Pitchers can leverage @FlatgroundApp, while hitters can utilize @FlatgroundBats, ensuring their videos and information reach thousands of colleges and professional scouts, thus enhancing their visibility and potential for success.


At Flatground, we pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive recruiting video archive available online, boasting thousands of hours of content. Our extensive collection features interviews and footage from top baseball players, coaches, and professionals across the spectrum. With our vault of videos, there’s no question left unanswered, providing invaluable insights and resources for players at every level. Additionally, we collaborate with respected experts in the field to deliver weekly articles, enriching our platform with diverse perspectives and ensuring a well-rounded source of information for our community.


At Flatground, we offer a dynamic platform that fosters networking opportunities for every member of the baseball community. With our free search engine, users can effortlessly connect with local trainers, discover new travel teams, explore camp opportunities, and much more. Our platform not only facilitates these connections but also encourages social networking, providing training on effective communication with players and coaches. Moreover, we host various special events throughout the year, creating vibrant opportunities for baseball enthusiasts to come together, share experiences, and build lasting relationships.

Private Recruiting

Flatground Sports offers a premier private full-service recruiting program that has established itself as the industry’s leader. This comprehensive program is designed to provide personalized support and expert guidance to athletes seeking to advance their careers. From initial assessment to ongoing mentorship, Flatground Sports ensures that every aspect of the recruiting process is covered. Their dedicated team leverages extensive industry connections and insider knowledge to maximize each athlete’s exposure and opportunities. With a proven track record of success, Flatground Sports’ full-service recruiting program is the top choice for athletes aiming to achieve their highest potential. Prices vary for our Private Recruiting services. Please email [email protected] for more information.

High School Recruiting:

Our most popular service.
(Must apply and be accepted.)

Our high school recruiting program, pioneered by Flatground, stands as the original and first-of-its-kind in boutique independent scouting. Offering an exclusive experience with a limited number of players accepted each year, our system ensures unparalleled one-on-one attention to every client. As a full-service representation program, we’re dedicated to maximizing opportunities and guiding aspiring athletes toward their goals.

JUCO Recruiting:

For current NJCAA players only.
(Must apply and be accepted.)

Our JUCO-to-Four-Year-College transition program is tailored for players seeking to advance their careers. With a focus on bridging the gap between junior college and four-year institutions, our program offers personalized guidance and support. Through exclusive one-on-one attention and comprehensive services, we empower JUCO players to navigate the transition successfully and realize their aspirations of competing at the next level.

Team Recruiting:

Great for organizations looking to empower and educate their families.

Our Team Recruiting meetings offer invaluable insights for groups of 50 or more, delivered through engaging 90-minute presentations. These sessions are dedicated to empowering players and families to take ownership of the recruiting process. We comprehensively break down the recruitment journey, providing essential strategies and guidance to navigate every step effectively. From start to finish, participants gain a deep understanding of the process and learn critical techniques to enhance their recruiting experience.


Our one-on-one baseball consultation service is a meticulously crafted three-step process designed to cater to the unique needs of each client whether than be a player and family, or a coach looking for professional development. It commences with an intake form and thorough scout research, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the client’s background and aspirations. Subsequently, a live video conference is conducted with the client and two Flatground owners, facilitating personalized guidance and discussion. Finally, tailored resources are precisely curated and sent to the clients after the meeting, equipping them with the tools and insights necessary for their baseball journey.

Commitment Graphics

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Marketing opportunities

Flatground provides diverse business-to-business marketing opportunities for companies seeking to leverage our platform for mutual benefit. We welcome collaborations in advertising, marketing, and affiliate programs, and encourage interested parties to reach out for discussions on potential partnerships. Whether you’re an individual entrepreneur or a corporation, we’re committed to exploring how our platform can enhance your business objectives and drive growth together.